Why Clients Should Consider Contingent Fee Arrangements

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Many clients dread calling their lawyer to ask important questions out of fear that the moment their lawyer picks up the phone the billing clock starts in six minute increments. The vast majority of lawyers follow the time honored tradition of billing hourly for their time, which leads many clients to become frustrated with enormous legal bills that do not reflect the actual value added to their cases. The contingent fee arrangement is designed to mitigate against this problem by re-aligning the incentives so that lawyers are compensated based on results, not time spent working on the case.

Navigating Insurance Claims By Thinking Like a Lawyer

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Duncan Griffiths and Christopher Griffiths wrote an article about insurance coverage featured in CAI-Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Common Interests Magazine. The article provides helpful tips for community managers and homeowners associations that have suffered a loss that may be covered by insurance.

BKSN Profiled in CTLA’s Trial Talk

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Fifteen years ago, when Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson opened its doors in Colorado, construction defect legislation was not the hot topic it is today. In 1986, Colorado quietly reduced its statute of repose from 10 years down to 6 years, giving Colorado the distinction of having one of the shortest statutes of repose in the country. In 2001 and then again in 2003, the legislature passed reforms which limited the types of damages homeowners could collect and created a pre-litigation notice of claim process. Additionally, the legislature capped damages under Colorado’s Consumer Protection Act. With each change, the builders declared victory and announced that the changes they wanted to protect the residential construction industry.