Attorney Profiles

Senior Attorney DANITA J. GLENN

Danita Glenn joined the firm in 2017. Prior to joining the firm, she was an Associate Attorney at The Hart Law Firm in Colleyville, Texas, where she focused on plaintiff’s personal injury litigation. Danita found her passion fighting for the rights of the injured and trying to make a positive change in her client’s lives and in the community as a whole.  Danita uses her past experiences in personal injury and translates them to construction defect claims. Instead of dealing with bodily injuries, she now focuses on property injuries—which are still very real and personal for each client, and if not addressed, can lead to serious bodily injury to clients and their loved ones. Danita strives to prevent defendants from being repeat offenders and taking advantage of other individuals in the community by holding the defendants responsible for the construction defects they have caused.

Danita’s effort to impact her community doesn’t stop at the end of the business day.  Danita serves on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Tarrant County Bar Association where she assists in the betterment of other lawyers in the community through continuing education.  Danita also voluntarily teaches continuing education classes to plaintiff attorneys from all over the United States, and has spoken at several attorney seminars.

When not at work, Danita enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two sons and all her other family.