Attorney Alex Nelson interviewed on Gene Sullivan’s “Where you Live”

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Gene interviews BKSN attorney Alex Nelson about numerous construction defect litigation issues impacting HOAs, including statutes of limitation and repose.

Twin Cities Residential Construction Hits Speedbump in August, But On Pace YTD

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The Builders Association of the Twin Cities released mixed news for August residential construction starts. August housing starts were down 20% year-over-year. However residential building permits remain more-or-less flat YTD from 2013 (total building permits are down just slightly YTD from 2013, while permitted units are up just slightly). On the whole, the statistics show continued recovery for the beleaguered new housing market.

Did you know? Spray Foam Insulation Can Lead to Pipe Leaks and Degradation

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Did you know? Spray Foam Insulation is Often Chemically Incompatible With CPVC Piping, Leading to Pipe Leaks and Degradation. Spray foam insulation is an increasingly popular way to insulate homes and other buildings. Spray foam insulation is also often used to create air barriers or fill & seal odd-shaped cavities.