BKSN’s Trial Team Wins with $200,000 Jury Verdict for 10-Unit Minnesota HOA 

by Karli Sharrow BKSN NewsMinnesotaNews

The Meadows of St. Francis Townhomes Association, Inc. is a 10-unit community in St. Francis, MN that was suffering from water intrusion at windows and underneath vinyl siding, driveways that were caving in, and stone veneer that was falling off the buildings.  After a seven-day trial in Anoka County Court, BKSN’s trial team of Ross Hussey and Heidi Storz obtained a jury verdict of $200,000 against S.W. Wold Townhomes, Inc..  The jury found that the S.W. Wold Townhomes, Inc. had breached its statutory warranties and was negligent in the construction of the townhomes.  As the prevailing party, the HOA would have been entitled to prejudgment interest, costs, and attorney fees under the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act.  Before presenting its request to the Court for the interest, costs, and fees, the HOA negotiated a confidential settlement agreement with S.W. Wold Townhomes, Inc. that eliminated the need for further court proceedings and ensured payment on the claim within 30 days.   Now the Association will be able to perform repairs to restore the property to the condition it should have been in if the property had been built correctly from the beginning.

See:  Meadows of St. Francis Townhomes Association, Inc. v. S.W. Wold Townhomes Inc. and S.W. Wold Construction, Inc., Anoka County Minnesota case number 02-CV-15-5125.  Honorable John P. Dehen presiding.

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